Parts 10-8 and 58-9 for #3DMS2020

Parts 10-8 and 58-9 for #3DMS2020 printed with
MiniRainbow PLA on
i3 MK3s printer. 0.2 LH, 215/60 temps, gyroid infill 10%, Hilbert curve up and bottom. Packed and ready for shipment(it’s about 800km to Helsingborg Sweden)Partying face



Sitting cat (low poly) by Vincent6m

Timelapse and photos of Sitting cat low poly by Vincent6m

Model can be found here:

I’ve printed it on my Prusa i3 MK3s using: 150% scale 3D Active Red PLA Temps: 215/60 Layer height: 0.16 mm Print time: 9h53m …