3D Printed Collapsing Lightsabers

May the 4th be with you!

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Source files by 3DPRINTINGWORLD:

Sith Collapsing Lightsaber:


Luke’s Collapsing Lightsaber:


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Rubiks Cube Holder by Chopcyk

Welcome to the new episode od “You design I print”.
The place where I print your designs.

Today I present you:
Rubiks Cube Holder by Chopcyk:

Do you have any ideas what I can 3D print next?
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Enclosure for sprinklers relays

One of the best things of #3DPrinting is the ease of creating enclosure for any electronics projects. This time it is for my IoT garden watering system. Nice and quick case for relays, transformer, Arduino Pro Mini and Nrf. All …


3DPrinted Wireframe Skull Pen Holder

3DPrinted Skull(thing:1905711) by @3DIYOriginal with @Eryone3d Silk Mini Rainbow PLA. Printed with @Prusa3D i3 mk3s with 0.15LH. A 15 hours #3DPrint. Compose nicely with my Beksiński AA80 painting reproduction.

3Dprinting #skull #art #wireframeSkull #beksinski #betterPenHolder