3D printing a Puzzled Lollipop

Today I’ve designed and 3D printed a Puzzled Lollipop.

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A while ago one of the viewers asked me to print a candy. I couldn’t find anything nice on Thingiverse. So I’ve decided to design my own lollipop. The idea was to make 10 triangular pieces, which are easy to connect without any glue, just press fit. The easiest way to connect the pieces was to make interlocking mechanism just like in regular jigsaw puzzles.

And here you have it: 3D printed Puzzled Lollipop which looks also like a pizza. You can download the files here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:383…

For printing I’ve used Spectrum Green PLA and Red 3DACTIVE PLA (temps: 215/60)

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