Pac-Man Ghosts 3DPrinted – being creative with filament samples (no multi material needed)

Sometimes when you buy filament you just get some free samples. This time I got fluorescent PLA.

My idea is to use it to make ghosts sclera. So I used Fusion 360 and designed Pac-Man ghosts: Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde.

You need to print:

– the body (whatever color you want)

– eye-blue (iris)

– eye-white (sclera) – there are LR (sideways) and UD (up down) versions available. So the ghost can look up/down or left/right.

You can print the parts separately (no multi material unit needed). The fit is rather loose – use glue or double sided tape to hold it together. Consider turning on the ironing option in your slicer for better last layer surface finish.


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