ZillaGrip is it worth it?

ZillaGrip works just follow the instructions. But is it worth it?
Let’s check it!

00:00 Intro
00:09 Materials used for tests
00:34 Checking efficiency
02:53 Viability calculations
04:54 ASA print #1
05:40 ASA print #2
06:28 Nylon (PA) print
07:16 PETG print
08:06 ASA, PETG, Nylon summary
09:23 Cleaning the ZillGrip from flexplate
11:15 PLA print
12:04 ZillaGrip on FlexPlate
15:14 Bottom layer surface check
17:41 Summary 1
18:21 Brims in PrusaSlicer
18:45 Summary 2
19:00 Print results
20:51 Do I recommend?
22:19 Outro

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