Folding Karambit 3D Printed

I was inspired by Koss video:

Music: “Harp & Hammered Dulcimer” by Wintergatan Build Track.


Do you have any ideas what I can make next? Any questions, thoughts? Leave a comment now!

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Wexagon (hexagon shelves) remix by medyk3D (display your Matchbox collection with style)

Today I made a remix of Wexagon (hexagon shelves) by Wekster. This is a really cool design. I changed it so I can use it to display Matchbox cars.

My remix:

Vedran Marjanović Wekster original file:

Do …


250 subs giveaway

Thank you all for helping me reaching another cool achievement – 250 subs on my YouTube channel.

I was thinking what would be the best prize for you awesome people so we can celebrate this milestone together.

I could 3D …